Friday, June 12, 2009

Education in Tamilnadu

I wonder, it is Tamilnadu is the first state to provide free noon meals under the leadership of Kamarajar. His view is clear, every body should be a literate, and it will help them to grow on their own. Just because of the poverty no one should be a illiterate, and that's why he initiated the scheme of noon meal. Many families sent their kids to school, atleast they could get one time food.

Then came the public's leader Dr.MGR who gave them free uniform, free books, free bus passes so that the distance/dress/books could not be a reason for uneducation. During Janaki's 28 days rule she ordered for free Chappal for them. J.Jayalalithaa expanded further with free bicycle. Since many stopped education at SSLC level, due to distance in reaching Higher Secondary Schools, J.J provided cycles for H.Sc students.

Every thing is just an amazing thing for me... when seeing the current situation.

Education is the costlier thing now, next to Health. The Government schools are inadequate qualified to give proper education to the children. Few of the Corporation Schools in Chennai City are doing well, but they simply teach the lessons, but not the education. Even I saw some graduates who are not able to fill up the DD forms at bank. This is the education level.

Our Constitution of India says, it is the duty of every state to provide free education on their language upto their 14 years. All the governments are taking oath, that they will obey Constitution. If it is true, there must be 100% literacy rate throughout the country. But in TN, we are just having 65%. Where is the problem???

During the 2nd tenure of J.Jayalalitha, 13000+ schools in rural areas are closed stating non-profitability(?). The so called "Orasiriar Palli" is running with single teacher for several classes. This is one of the method like Tution in the Cities. Inadequate availability of teachers, and the number of students in villages are very less, this "Orasiriyar Palli" scheme is implemented to give education in each and every village, every student.

Apart from this, there are Night Schools (for workers who were not got education on their earliest periods), Old-age schools etc., to cater education at free of cost just to achieve 100% Literacy. SSA (Sarva Siksha Abhyaan - Education for all) is also implemented. But what happened? Still after several years of all such schemes we are just 65%. (Not bad when compared to many other states.. we talk about TN only here). Why those schemes are failed? Where was the Education Ministry went wrong? These are the questions which is not getting answer for decades.

Those who crosses H.Sc, then there are lot of opportunities for Professional courses as they are money making treasures. (Even Pre KG is now money making business!). We let all these higher studies and urban education apart and think about the rural education.

Government initiated Free education and many freebies just to give education for all.
It is the duty of the Government to provide free education for all the children below 14 yrs.

Are these happening? If yes, why we are still not achieving 100% literacy? Who will held responsible for this. Will the government will be thrown out for not obeying the Constitution?

If anybody has answers please put a line here...

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  1. if health and education has been taken care by government there will be significant improvement.

    we are spending hude money for health and education but in western countries both are free, given by government. they need not worry about money for these two