Friday, February 9, 2018

Renuka's Laughing theraphy

Saw the full video of PM speech in parli.

Though it is about the Budgets and schemes, the speech is fully focussing on hatred sentences against opposition, particularly Congress.

OK. What else can our PM speak in support of this hollow budget? For example, the Modi care scheme was announced grandly but sufficient fund allocation was not done. This created a agitation in their party itself questioning why such stands are being taken spoiling party name.. Similar cases to many announcements where impracticality is openly known to all and understood its just another jumla series.

But our PM is clever enough to take diversion from Budget points to attacking opposition. There is no other option when there is nothing to defend the budget

The fear and nervousness is evident throughout the speech

Renuka Chaudary's laughing came at a right time when PM putting forward to the house a bunch of blatant lies. She, instead of arguing, simply laughed and that laugh did its work well.

Though a PM, common leader for entire nation, and saviour of women empowerment, exposed himself that he could not digest that laugh and openly compared a member of honourable parliament with a negative character of an imaginary story.

A Prime Minister of a democratic country should not have gone to such low level, that too on the Parliament itself.

When such incidents happened in the past, normally they ask for the reason for that sarcastic laughing and put the facts on the table before the speaker.

If our PM has given the factsheet for whatever he spoke on Aadhaar, and presented it before the speaker, then the laughing will gets a condemnation from all the corners. But unfortunately PM failed to justify his points and since he was already nervoused got furious and came to lowest of the lower level.

Secondly the Social Media burst out last night asking, 'is a women laughing loudly is a sin?' 'will you compare your Criticisers to a negative character?' and all.. Renuka simply did the attack just by laughing and all the I'll attitude of PM came out within seconds. Yes its an attitude problem. Nothing else

Rahul can be proud for this moment, in this 4 years now BJP gets a fear against Cong, and while speaking in Parliament also thinking that fear and speaking against congress, thus turning the respectable Parliament into a political campaigning meeting hall.
One more good day in Parliament for understanding the attitude of our honble Prime Minister

Thank you Parliament

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